Women and Health Reform

Ensuring the Health Care Needs of Women: Resources for Health Exchanges



Questions to consider:


 Will the state Exchange be designed to both meet the statutory requirements of the Hyde Amendment, which restricts the use of federal monies for abortions, as well as allowing for plans to cover abortion? 


 Will the system be designed so that consumers can obtain abortion coverage in their plans if they want it?


 Will the state establish systems to assure that women are given adequate notification about their abortion coverage choices, and to monitor if the accounting rules will affect women’s access to abortion services?

Lessons Learned:

Guttmacher Institute,Insurance Coverage of Abortion: The Battle to Date and the Battle to Come

National Partnership for Women and Families, Why the ACA Matters for Women: Restrictions on Abortion Coverage

Further Reading:

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  National Women's Law Center, State Bans on                 Insurance Coverage of Abortion Endanger Women’s             Health and Take Health Benefits Away from Women